Why Do We Analyze Your Data

With rooftop solar connected to the grid, you are an energy producer. The power you generate, measured in kilowatts (kW), can power your home, charge electric vehicles, heat your spa, etc. Any power you don’t use is automatically sold to PG&E. The goal of rooftop solar is to eliminate your PG&E electric bill. Your most cost-effective system is one that allows you to both produce and sell enough power to cover the cost of all the electricity you consume (typically, you produce power during the day and consume power at night).

At SumSolar, we engineer the ideal solar solution for you using our proprietary Zero-Net Energy (ZNE) modeling system. Our ZNE analysis models your energy demand against the performance characteristics of various solar production solutions at your location to determine the ideal solution for you.

Your energy demand is the product of your building envelope (size and energy efficiency of conditioned space in your home), balance boundary (your electric loads) and your energy usage patterns. In order to do an accurate solar cost-benefit analysis and properly engineer a system, we need to know a bit of information about your past electric usage. This includes how many kilowatts (kWh) of electricity you used during what times of the day over the past year(s). When combined with your expectations for future energy requirements, this past information allows us to do a trend analysis. The trend analysis provides an estimate of how much power you are likely to use and when you will use it.

Due to complexities in PG&E rate plans and the impact of potential storage systems, when you use power is as important a factor as how much power you use. Once we have a trend analysis, we can determine how to engineer a solar system to meet your needs. This includes; determining the appropriate size of your system, the orientation of your system, the appropriate rate plan(s) for your system, and any additional electrical upgrades you should consider. While the math to engineer the system is complicated, all you need to do is download and send the data to us; we will handle the rest for you. Once we have your data, we can build a proposal for you so that you can make the most informed choice, consider the costs and benefits of becoming a solar power producer and know exactly when your system will pay for itself and when it will start making you money.

Click here for instructions on how to obtain your electric usage data and send it to SumSolar for analysis.

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