The SumSolar Difference

SumSolar is Silicon Valley’s premier residential and commercial solar solution provider. The company focuses on roof-top and ground tracking grid-tied solar installations and offers a wide range of services including; solar system design and installation, roofing, electrical upgrades, HVAC, building envelope optimization, and major remodeling.

SumSolar is culmination of over 30 years of high-end custom home construction focused on green living and zero-net-energy building design. The company’s founders were amongst the first contractors to incorporate grid-tied solar in their custom home and major remodeling projects. Leading the renewable energy revolution, they installed some of the first roof-top solar solutions in Silicon Valley; all of which are still in operation today.

Leveraging its extensive computer technology, engineering and building expertise, SumSolar developed its proprietary Zero-Net Energy Modeling system. This system automates the process of analyzing the customer’s energy needs and modeling their energy demand; the product of their building envelope (size and energy efficiency of conditioned space), balance boundary (aggregation of electric loads) and energy usage patterns. It then compares the performance characteristics of various solar production solutions and models the actual performance at the customer’s location. The most cost-effective models generate electrical and structural engineering solutions that maximize solar irradiance capture, power generation and rate plan optimization to produce the best financial return. The result is the industry’s most accurate cost-benefit analysis and an optimized final solution that will generate more value and a higher return-on-investment than any other company in the industry.

Beyond leveraging renewable energy to provide an income source for its customers, SumSolar also specializes in functional aesthetics, smart home and livable design. SumSolar provides the industry’s cleanest solar installation with fewer roof penetrations and exposed cable runs than any other installer. You can see some of the company’s work at the links below:

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