We can immediately reduce your total monthly payments! A solar system will lower or eliminate your electric bill. Even if you finance your solar purchase, we ensure that your monthly savings are greater than your financing costs and thus your monthly expense are immediately reduced. We guarantee that your solar system will pay for itself and most system will generate more than $50,000 worth of electricity. With a SumSolar solution, you can typically expect at least a 3x return on your investment and you may never have to pay for electricity again.

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Using our proprietary Zero-Net Energy modeling system we can analyze your energy needs and custom design the most cost-effective solar solution for you.

To get a free cost-benefit analysis, we need detailed information about your electric usage over time. Fortunately, with a few clicks, you can quickly obtain this information online. For instructions on how to download your data and to get your free cost-benefit analysis, click on the button below.

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Based on our Zero-Net Energy analysis, we can engineer the most cost-effective solution for you. Our proposals include a complete system design with aerial and street view mockups, detailed specifications and performance projections, cost breakdown, financing options, energy savings, return on Investment (ROI) analysis and details about the benefits your system will provide to you and to the environment.

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Sum (sŭm) n

(Banking & Finance) The whole amount of money paid; an aggregate quantity.

Solar (sō′lər) adj

(General Physics) utilizing the energy of the sun.

Your roof can make you money!

By installing solar you can:

  • Lower you total monthly expenses from day 1
  • Generate money and buy energy tax free
  • Charge electric vehicles for free
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Keep more of your income with solar tax credits
  • Get a tax free 3x or better return on your investment
  • Help save the planet

Every day you wait, you lose more money. Stop paying for electricity and start making a profit.

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